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Kosa makes buying cannabis in Marlborough, MA both easy and affordable. Shop online from our website and pick up your order at your convenience. Our customers leave us 5-star ratings for efficiency, quality, affordability, and strains; in fact, we are known as one of the best cannabis dispensaries in the Marlborough community. Why shop elsewhere when we have what you’re looking for right here- from popular marijuana strains and edibles to tinctures and vapes? Check us out and we’re sure you’ll be back once you discover the value we bring to the table.

7 Top Selling Strains at Kosa

1. Banana OG is not just one of the most popular Indica strains found in our inventory at Kosa, but it’s also a staff pick. With 26.6% THC and 28.9% TAC, this is a strain that will definitely get your attention. Banana OG is available from our weed store for $50 per 1/8oz.

2. Scout Breath is another popular Indica strain we carry that has a THC content of 27.4%. Scout Breath will make you feel tingly, sleepy, and oh-so-relaxed, delivering a distinct vanilla and berry aroma. Kosa also carries quality cannabis smoking accessories for sale in our Web store.

3. If you’re looking for a pick-me-up rather than a ‘down’ experience, try Sativa strain Mimosa from Trueflower. At just $35 for a 1/8oz jar, you’ll find Mimosa is easy on the wallet. Check with our weed store when you’re not sure where to buy recreational marijuana in your community.

4. Experience 91 Lemons from Nimbus, a terrific deal at just $65 for 1/4oz. A Sativa strain, 91 Lemons has a THC content of just over 20%, delivering a robust lemon flavor with a hint of diesel. Stay inspired with this ultra-popular strain found from Kosa.

5. If you’re searching for low THC cannabis in Marlborough, MA, consider shopping at one of the medical weed dispensaries in Marlborough, such as Kosa. We have many medical strains in stock, including Lavender Day Dream, with just over 17% THC, this is the perfect hybrid strain for pain management, delivering calming, relaxing effects.

6. Top cannabis dispensaries keep high THC strains in stock for recreational shoppers looking for a bargain. We are proud to sell LA Kush Cake, an Indica strain with a whopping THC content of over 30%. Relax and enjoy a puff or two of this very satisfying strain that comes with a warning: not for first-time smokers.

7. Try Black Mamba #7 if you appreciate a good high that leads to the munchies. Black Mamba #7 has a distinct grape aroma that tastes as good as it smells and features a high terpene and THC count.

At Kosa, we carry much more than just the best cannabis in Marlborough, MA; we’re also a popular place to shop for THC edibles, CBD creams, powerful cannabis concentrates, affordable pre-rolls, tinctures, and more. Spend some time in our blog learning how to make your own cannabis edibles or explore informative articles to find tips for consuming marijuana without smoking.

Cannabis Marlborough MA


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Cannabis Marlborough MA

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